"Plans fail for a lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22


Bill Volpe

Bill is passionate about the principle of biblical stewardship. He currently works as an Insurance Producer and loves motorcycles, movies and music.

Ruth Martini

Ruth is passionate about teaching others how to become debt-free. She currently works as the Finance Director at Generation and loves being outdoors with her family.

Adwoa Nornoo

Adwoa is passionate about international medical missions. She currently works as a professor at PBA and loves sowing into the Kingdom of God.

Doug Reader

Doug is most passionate about personal finance. He currently works as Chief Financial & Operating Officer of Slimfast and loves spending time with his family.

Erik Johnson

Erik is passionate about personal finance- saving money, reducing debt and building wealth. He currently works as a commercial real estate advisor and loves the outdoors and cooking.

Maryann Welcer

Maryann is passionate about biblical stewardship. She currently works as a pediatric nurse and loves physical fitness, sports, and antique shopping.

Mike Miccoli

Mike is passionate about generosity. He currently works as a global account manager and loves spending time with family.

Jennifer Munoz

Jennifer is passionate about financial independence. She currently works to provide education consultation and loves spending time with loved ones.

Andy Gill

Andy is passionate about serving and freedom from debt. He is currently starting his own business developing software and spending time with his wife and new baby.

Pete Nielsen

Pete is passionate about building relationships through Life Groups and biblical financial principles. He currently works as an independent consultant and writer, and loves spending time with his family and grandchildren.

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