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building healthy relationships

Today there are countless ways to “connect” with people, yet few people enjoy the deep, authentic relationships God created us for. The art of building healthy relationships has all but disappeared. Come learn practical steps to building healthy relationships and the importance of living in the moment. Outlined notebooks provided. Bring your Bible.

Leader: Bob Frein
Who: Adults 18+
Where: Generation Church
When: Thursdays 7-8:30pm, Jan 24-Apr 25


Understanding the Bible can be tough, but understanding what you believe about the Bible
can be tougher. Discover how to truly know what the Bible says and what you believe. And, if you have questions about what the Bible says, get those questions answered in this interactive Bible study with a unique twist!

Leader: Alex Alexis
Who: Adults 16+
Where: Jupiter Home
When: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm, Feb 5-Apr 23

more than a song

Sharing experiences of how a song may have impacted our lives personally, or hearing the testimonies from those who were inspired to write the lyrics can open our hearts to a deeper, more personal experience in our worship. We will sing and share several new songs each week. Our final fellowship will be a praise and worship evening in celebration of the Easter season.

Leader: Ken & Shannon Shelley
Who: All
Where: Jupiter Home
When: Mondays 7-8:30pm, Jan 21-Apr 8


This group is for those who own a motorcycle, Jeep, convertible, etc. that is street legal. We will meet and eat at least once per month. Meet new friends and discover new places. We will aim for a 1 hour radius.

Leader: Mark & Michele Hughes
Who: Adults 16+
Where: Meets at Generation Church
When: Sundays 4-6pm, 2nd Sunday of every month Jan 27-TBD

parenting with purpose

What does God say about raising children? Through Loving Our Kids on Purpose, Danny Silk brings a Biblical, fresh perspective to dealing with our children. He challenges age-old parenting techniques and elevates unconditional love and relationship into its proper place.

Leader: Stan & Allison Hershonik
Who: Adults 18+
Where: Generation Church
When: Sundays 11:30-12:45pm, Jan 27-TBD

Childcare available in GCKids


This group is designed for people who own or have access to personal watercraft, e.g., Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or Sea-Doo. Group members will meet at a predetermined location at least twice per month for fun-filled friendship building experiences on the water. Participants must provide their own PWC.

Leader: Mark Hughes
Who: Adults 16+ (younger passengers require a responsible adult)
Where: Burt Reynolds Park
When: Saturdays 1-3pm, 2x per month Jan 26-TBD

i want more

What do you need? To know God? To find purpose & meaning? To have peace in your soul? To reconcile relationships? To live the Christian life successfully? Attaining these seemingly elusive goals IS possible. Come discover how.

Leader: Lori Hackbart
Who: Adults 18+
Where: Palm Beach Gardens Home
When: Sundays 3-4pm, Feb 3-TBD, 1st & 3rd Sundays


Truly seeking God’s presence will change your life. We will spend time praying, worshipping to modern worship music, and fellowshipping as we share life together.

Leader: Randy & Kantis Lyon
Who: Adults and youth able to participate
Where: Palm Beach Gardens Home
When: Tuesdays 7-8:30pm, Jan 22-ongoing



BROMANS: in the lions den

The “bRomans” will take a trip to the Old Testament to be encouraged by the faith and courage of one of God’s boldest Prophets. Daniel was a shining example of how to live and thrive as a believer in an unbelieving world. Come discover what Daniel has to tell us as the men of Jupiter in 2019!

Leaders: Zach Eggen
Who: Men 18+
Where: Perk Coffee House Tequesta
When: Thursdays 7-8am


Success, true love, and the life you’ve always wanted. Many of us believe these hold the key to happiness. There is only One who can wholly satisfy our cravings—and now is the perfect time to meet Him again, or for the first time.

Leaders: Kevin Kustarz
Who: Men 18+
Where: True Vine Chiropractic
When: Thursdays 7-8:30pm, Jan 24-TBD




This group is for couples: dating, engaged or married. Schedule a babysitter and join us each month for a night of fun & fellowship as we come together to build a strong community of Christ-centered relationships!

Leader: Brian & Josy Cartland
Who: Couples 20+
Where: TBD
When: Friday Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 5 & May 3


This group is designed for Christians 55+ to enjoy fellowship, study and ministry. Our gatherings will vary depending on the needs of the group and current interests. There will be prayer for common needs, as well as specific prayer for Holy Spirit min- istry of the gifts in accordance with scripture. We also will share the Word and discuss how to apply it to our daily lives. Snacks will be provided.

Leader: Jerry & Sue Bishop
Who: Adults 55+
Where: Jupiter Home
When: 3rd Friday of every month, 7-8:30pm




Josh and Wendy Brown joined Generation Church in 2009. They have two boys, Noah (11) and Wyatt (8). They live in Maplewood of Jupiter and enjoy boating, grilling and spending time by their pool. Sign up for food, bring swimsuit & towel!

Leader: Josh & Wendy Brown
Who: All
Where: Jupiter Home
When: 2nd & 4th Sundays 1-3pm, Jan 27-ongoing


Ryan and Trista McMorrow have 4 children ages ranging from 7 years old - 1 year old. They have an active kid- oriented family and enjoy life by the pool in Jupiter Farms. Bring your swimsuit & towel to swim!

Leader: Ryan & Trista McMorrow
Who: All
Where: Jupiter Home
When: 1st & 3rd Sundays 4-6pm, Jan 20-ongoing


Casey and Ruth Martini have been members of Generation Church since 2012, when they moved to Palm Beach County. They have two children, Cayden (13) and Raelyn (9). Bring your swimsuit & towel to swim!

Leader: Casey & Ruth Martini
Who: All
Where: West Palm Beach Home
When: 1st & 3rd Sundays 3-5pm, Jan 20-ongoing


Todd & Lori Hackbart joined Generation Church in 2012 when they relocated from hectic Atlanta to peaceful Evergrene in Palm Beach Gardens. They enjoy all that Florida offers with their grown, but not gone, daughters, Chelsea and Emily. Come enjoy a wonderful lunch with us!

Leader: Todd & Lori Hackbart
Who: All
Where: Palm Beach Gardens Home
When: 1st & 3rd Sundays 1-3pm, Jan 20-ongoing


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