In the beginning of 2019, we will move into our brand new location at 430 Center St. We’re are on a spiritual journey called RISE as we prepare for our next season of growth! 

Listen to Pastor Ben's vision, the history of our church and our plan to own our new home here.

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We have been on an exciting journey from a small church of 35 people in 2008 to the nine year old family that is home to over 1,000. We have experienced many changes, undertaken much growth, and we’ve truly watched God do the impossible with the unlikely. And yet, we begin again.
Generation Church is embarking on a new phase as we look to acquire our own facility for our next season of ministry. Currently, we have a solid foundation with Jesus as our Cornerstone, and He has directed us in this next season to RISE.
RISE is a name. It is a name that is not arbitrarily chosen, nor is it simply descriptive. It is a directive, a command, that is a calling us higher and inviting us forward to the unimaginable God has in store.
As a church family, we are accepting the invitation to forge ahead on this journey, but the terrain is new. We will walk together, serve together, pray together and through it all, we will rise together.
The journey continues,
Pastor Ben and Melissa




We closed on our new facility in May of 2018. The demolition process has begun!


June’s RISE Update revealed that 95% of the people attending weekend services have experienced life change through Generation Church. 

From children to adults, lives have been impacted by salvation, healing, restoration and freedom. Just think how this foundation will impact the community as we move into our new building. 



Pastor Ben shared in the July RISE update that we are almost half way to collecting our goal of one million dollars!  

Lives are already being impacted in the community. Praise God as He leads us to finish strong!